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Join the Pocket Points platform to advertise towards the student population. We grow businesses like yours by exposing students to local deals, bringing them into your store, and turning them into loyal customers.

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Getting started on Pocket Points is very easy! Lets start with some basic information.

Here's how it works.

We help you create a custom student reward program.

We are experts in crafting and displaying the perfect rewards for students. Setup is simple and you are immediately exposed to thousands of students!

Your rewards are displayed to the thousands of Pocket Points users around your store!

Students go to class; open Pocket Points, lock their phones, and begin earning points. Once points are accrued, they open up the gift page on the app. This is where your business is displayed with your unique rewards.

Easy redemption process

When a customer comes in to redeem their Pocket Points, the cashier will simply hit the "approve" button on the customers phone and apply the discount. No POS integration is needed.

Manage and track all customer analytics

We provide you with your own custom portal. From here you get insights on any campaign you are running. All your offerings can be adjusted in real time. This gives you constant access to the Pocket Points demographic.

  • I love using the Pocket Points it has helped my location grow 5% in transaction growth from the colleges I have in my city. Helping the kids in college with an incentive to listen and pay attention in class is a huge advantage.

  • It's simple! Pocket Points allows your business the ability to create your own deals and coupons for the user to pick from. The dashboard is very easy to navigate and provides up to date stats.

  • The biggest impact pocket points has had to me is driving in new customers. Majority of the people who come in to redeem their pocket points are first time customers.

  • Pocket Points has been a great way for us to reach a whole new generation of shoppers. We have seen tons of college students come through the door as a result of Pocket Points. I would recommend the app for any business looking to reach millennials.

  • We have seen a great return on our investment and look forward to our continued partnership. I would highly recommend Pocket Points to any business that desires to target millennials and grow their business.

Rudy Mena
Northern Arizona University
Papa John's
Brittany Beckwith
Central Michigan University (Mt Pleasant, MI)
Pita Pit
Andrew Cook
California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo
Hy-Vee Columbia
Mary Herdon
University of Missouri-Columbia (Columbia, MO)
Noodles & Company
Nichole Curry
University of Missouri-Columbia (Columbia, MO)

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