Rewards for staying off the phone

Offer and earn rewards for phone-free time in class and while driving

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Earn local & online deals

Earn points for staying off the phone that can be redeemed for deals from local businesses and online retailers.

Want to join our list of partners? Grow your business and make a positive impact on students.

Teacher Rewards

Earn rewards created by your teachers based on the time off your phone in their class.

Are you a teacher? Solve your #1 issue in the classroom by offering rewards for your students.

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How it works


Stay off your phone

Open the Pocket Points app and stay off your phone while in class or driving


Earn Points

Earn points based on the time off your phone


Earn Rewards

Spend the points you earned on deals from local and online retailers

Our Mission

We remember being very alarmed in college by just how many students were not paying attention in class. We set out to create a product that we’d want to use everyday. That inspired us to be advocates for students from day one. Ever since launching in 2014, that has been our focus.

Create healthy learning environments

Create healthy learning environments

Cell phones are #1 distraction in class for students and teachers

Make our roads safer

Make our roads safer

Texting and driving is #1 killer of teens

Improve mental health

Improve mental health

Heavy technology usage is 5x more likely to cause anxiety and depression

Start earning rewards

Download the app and start earning rewards today!

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